About Cannon's Acrobatic & Tumbling

Teacher Devan's journey to becoming a talented, loving business owner and coach began at the age of four. She was one of the many students of Betty Dali who was taught how to have fun flipping in a recreational but structured environment. Once in high school, Teacher Devan discovered a new passion: not just learning acrobatics and tumbling but teaching as well.

In 2002, she was able to fulfill her passion of teaching acrobats and tumblers by obtaining a studio from Trina Russell. Within that studio, Teacher Devan continued Betty's legacy of teaching students how to flip and fly in a fun, structured learning environment... adding her own quirks to the mix (we are all incredibly familiar with Teacher Devan's voice, hugs, and kisses). After seventeen years in business, Cannon's Acrobatics and Tumbling is still flourishing with hundreds of students of all ages taking classes to stay fit; to learn discipline; to prevent injuries; and, most importantly, to have fun.

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